About Us

In 1973, our corporate headquarters were established in East Lansing, Michigan operating as Servicemaster Lawn Care.

With the success of our lawn care services, ServiceMasterĀ® decided to acquire Servicemaster Lawn Care in 1990, after which we then moved our headquarters to Memphis, Tennessee to join the ServiceMaster family of brands.

ServiceMaster officially acquired ChemLawn in 1992, making our business unit the largest professional lawn care provider in the nation. It immediately began operating as Servicemaster Lawn Care, doing business as Servicemaster Lawn Care.

Combined with our commercial services business unit, Servicemaster Lawn Care LandCare, Servicemaster Lawn Care has become the world’s largest lawn and landscape company serving more than 3.4 million residential and commercial customers across North America with lawn care, tree and shrub care, and landscaping services.

As the current industry leader, we’ve continued to lead in the development of new technology for lawn care. Servicemaster Lawn Care devotes substantial resources to continually evaluate new products and equipment and to develop better methods for taking care of grass, trees, and shrubs. All of our lawn specialists are tenured full-time employees who must complete a rigorous training program before they can be certified by Servicemaster Lawn Care.

Additionally, we have taken an active leadership role in both developing and supporting sound environmental practices and regulatory policies. Servicemaster Lawn Care is committed to environmentally responsible practices and products, and we have established our own set of environmental stewardship principles.