Pruning and Trimming

Benefits of Pruning and Trimming Shrubs and Trees

1.  Pruning improves the overall appearance of shrubs and trees.

2.  Proper pruning practices can improve the structure of the plant.  It also allows more light to the center of the plant which increases its overall aesthetic beauty.

3.  Pruning increases vigour in  plants.  A single shoot that is cut back can result in the growth of two or more new shoot which results in a denser  plant.  Also, in the case of shrubs that are valued for their winter effect/bark colour, removing older branches makes way for younger, more vibrant growth.

4.  Pruning can be an excellent defense against certain arboreal diseases.  With proper technique, sanitation and disposal, some fungal diseases can be removed through pruning.  Better yet, these diseases can be prevented by eliminating crossing branches which rub together and create wounds which provide an entry point for spores to enter the plant.

5.  Pruning removes dead wood.

6.  Pruning can also accommodate human interactions.  Professionally pruning branches up or back  allow vehicles and/or mowers  to pass under without scratches and knicks. This  is certainly a better option than letting the vehicles do the pruning themselves!

7.  In some cases properly timed pruning may allow for a shrub or tree to bloom for the first time in years.

ServiceMaster Lawncare provides free pruning estimates.  Let us help shape your yard!


Let us help shape your yard!

Let us help shape your yard!