Organic Lawncare

The health of the environment is important to all of us at ServiceMaster LawnCare.  We are continually looking for natural ways to provide our customers with lush green lawns.  Below you will see a list of the current natural applications and services we provide that are 100% pesticide free.

Organic Fertilizer:   

This fertilizer is completely organic and does not contain any synthetic compounds.  This organic fertilizer contains kelp and will provide your lawn with the nutrients needed to promote natural turf growth.

Organic Weed Control:

The most effective organic weed control is by physically removing the weeds.  We realize this is not a practical solution for all lawns however there are tools available that help to increase the efficiency of this task.  The price of this service is based on man hours spent weeding.

Lime applications:

Lime applications help to raise the pH levels (reduce acidity)  in the soil.  By maintaining a pH that is optimal for turf growth  lime applications can indirectly act as a natural form of weed control due to the fact that many weeds thrive in acidic conditions.  Lime is recommended for all of our customers as the soils in New Brunswick are known to be very acidic.

Core Aeration:

Core aeration is the removal of cores of soil from existing lawns.  Aerating a lawn is similar to cultivating a garden or flower bed.  Core aeration is one of the single most beneficial things you can do for your lawn.   There are many BENEFITS OF CORE AERATION.

Core Aeration with Seeding:

Core aeration with seeding is a cost effective solution to filling in brown patches of dead grass throughout your lawn.   Core aeration with seeding can also be used to increase the density of your lawn which will help to reduce the likelihood of weeds.


Top dressing is the addition of compost/soil to an established lawn.   At Servicemaster Lawncare we use a pelletized compost topdressing.  Pelletized composts are easy to work with which makes this application more affordable to our customers.  There are many BENEFITS OF TOP DRESSING.

Soil Tests:

Soil tests aid in establishing any nutrient deficiencies in the soil.  Soil tests can also be used to establish the levels of silt and clay in the soil which are often the main problems in lawns with poor drainage and compaction issues.

Nematode Treatments:

Nematodes applications are a preventative natural treatment against WHITE GRUBS.