Chinch Bugs

Chinch bugs - Left: Immature stage <br>Center & Right:  Adult stage

Chinch bugs – Left: Immature stage
Center & Right: Adult stage

Lawn damaged by chinch bugs.

Lawn damaged by chinch bugs.



ID Features:

Immature –  Young nymphs are bright red with a white band.

                           Older nymphs progress from orange-brown to gray

                            and finally black.

Adult      –        Black in color.  1/5″ long with white wings.  Wings

                           extend either completely over the back or half way.

Damaging Stage(s):  Both immature and adult stages

Damaging Period:  Hot, dry summer months

Optimum control period:  Immediately after finding chinch bugs on lawn.

Damage & Signs of Activity:  Grass turns yellow then brown.  Damage begins as irregular patches in open, sunny areas.

Chinch bug treatments:

1)  Surface insecticide treatments:  This treatment is performed when chinch bugs are present on the lawn.

2) Aeration with seeding or sodding may be required to repair damaged areas if left untreated.