Sod Webworms

Sod webworm - Larval stage

Sod webworm – Larval stage


Lawn damaged by sod webworm feeding.

Lawn damaged by sod webworm feeding.












ID Features:  

Immature –  Cream to dull coloured caterpillars.  Pairs of dark spots on the body.

Adult          –   Gray to tan moths with long snouts.  At rest, fold wings close to the body.

Damaging Stage:  Larval stage

Damaging Period:  June – August

Optimum Control Period:   Immediately after finding sod webworms on lawn.

Damage and signs of activity:  Larvae cause browning of turf in irregular patches.  Larvae construct silken tunnels in the thatch.  Probing birds may indicate the presence of webworms.  Large numbers of moths flying over the turf in the late evenings suggests problems may develop.

Sod Webworm Treaments:

1)  Surface insecticide treatments:  This treatment is performed when sod webworms are present on the lawn.

2) Aeration with seeding or sodding may be required to repair damaged areas if left untreated.