White Grubs

White grubs in the soil.

White grubs in the soil.

Lawn damage resulting from an infestation on wite grubs (European Chafer).

Lawn damage resulting from an infestation of white grubs (European Chafer).














ID Features:   Larval stage – White to grayish with brown/orange heads.  Six legs near head.

                        Adult stage – Beetle form (color varies from brown to black)

Damaging Stage:  Larval Stage

Damaging Period: Spring & Fall

Optimum control period (Preventative):  Instar stage (Aug-Sept)

Damage & Signs of Activity:  White grubs feed on the roots of lawn grasses. If feeding is severe, grubs can kill large areas of lawns.  Grubs can destroy the roots of grass plants, and the turf will turn brown and die.  Often, the turf can be rolled up like a like a carpet when the root system is severely damaged.

Grub control Treatments:

1) Nematode treatments – A natural preventative treatment that attacks grubs in their larval stage and prevents serious root damage.

2) Subsurface granular insecticide treatments – An effective treatment of grub control.  Grubs must be visible on lawn before application as per the environmental regulations.

3) Aeration with seeding or sodding may be required to repair areas with extensive damage.